Warm Up Race info

Date: May 30th – June 4th

Categories: PR24, ES32, F1-32, ES24

Race format: Pr24 team 8×7,5 min (ISRA style), individual eurosport classes 8×5 min (win from any group)

Race Director: Lars Harrysson

Prizes: trophies for top8 and best non-italian of each individual  class gets free entry at the ISRA Worlds in that class.

Please register to the Warm-up race by using the dedicated form

Approximate Event schedule (a more accurate time table will be prepared after registration is closed).

Tuesday May 30th 9:00 – 21:00 free practice
Wednesday May 31st 9:00 – 21:00 ticket practice
Thursday June 1st ES-32: practice and race
Friday June 2nd F1-32: practice and race
Saturday June 3rd Pr-24 team: practice and race
Sunday June 4th ES-24: practice and race



All classes according to ISRA rules

PR24 team race exceptions:

Handout. Same tires of the World Championship. 2 pairs per team

No Handout. Alfa R Giulia by Redfox. All versions are legal: Thin, Thick, Regular rear wing, Wider rear wing

No Handout.

  • Motors allowed:  MURA X12, CHAMPION X12, PROSLOT X12, KOFORD X12, RJR X12, RED FOX, CAHOZA X12.
  • Motor parts can be freely combined with each other.
  • C–can with minimum inside dimensions: height 14.2 mm, diameter 21.2 mm, length 23.5 mm.
  • You can only grind notch at the point of contact with rear axle.
  • Plastic endbell with no modification.
  • Brushes may be shunted.
  • It is allowed to replace Oilite Bushings with Ball Bearings.


  • Single ceramic magnets from manufacturers mentioned above.
  • Minimum dimensions: height 14 mm, length 11.5 mm.
  • You can only grind notch at the point of contact with rear axle, regrind inner side of magnet and roughen surface for gluing.


  • Machine wound, mass-produced, labeled X12 from manufactures mentioned above, wire diameter 0.285 mm (AWG 29).
  • Minimum lamination diameter 12.7 mm (.500″), maximum 13.2 mm (.520″).
  • It must not be manually rewounded.
  • Motor shaft diameter 2 mm.