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What is slot racing?

Slot car racing is a racing activity/hobby in which the miniature models of the automobiles are used. They are guided by the slots in the track.  These slot cars are the replica of real-world cars that are particularly designed and manufactured for racing purposes.


It will be the dream of many to get your hands on a racing car. Sadly there are only a few who are fortunate enough to experience it. Isra 2017 is here to provide the best race car experience. You might not be able to drive a proper race car, but you can drive the miniature of the car of your dreams.

Track Sets

The track sets that Isra 2017 offers are very durable and of top-notch quality. We have a wide range of track sets from which you can choose. Each track set is unique in its own way. There are replicas of world-famous racing tracks that can offer you with the best racing experience.

Radio Controlled

Every car that we manufacture is radio controlled. The world’s best engineers and technicians have put in a lot of work to provide our customers with the perfect and highly sophisticated control systems. Having proper control of the car while racing is not luxury, it is mandatory.

What car scales are available?

As mentioned earlier all the cars at Isra 2017 is the miniature of a racing car. We have a wide range of cars that you can choose based on the scale. The scale varies from 1:24 to 1:64. Every car is perfectly designed and manufactured without any flaws to provide the best car racing experience.

  • 1:24th Scale
  • 1:32nd Scale
  • 1:43rd Scale (Carrera Go)
  • 1:64th Scale (Scalextric Micro)

How To get started?

It is not like you need to be professional or an experienced racer to start slot racing. Choose the miniature model and the track of your preference. Invite people to compete with you and start racing. Good remote control handling and swift response are the ones that are needed to be a good slot racer.

Car Handling

Handling your car is the last thing that you need to worry about. Our cars are very strong and highly durable. The best designers and experts have made sure that they can withstand any kind of hard-hitting that they receive. Never let these worries come in your way while having fun.

Driving Technique

The process is very simple when it comes to slot racing. But it takes a little bit time to master the remote control. Have your eye on the track all the time and make sure not to lose concentration. Just a second is all it takes to send your flying out of the track.


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Slot racing is one of the best ways to have a good time. The game is really fun. Isra 2017 provides every required amenity to have the best time of our lives. There is a large number of people participating on a daily basis.


Isra 2017 is the best when it comes to slot racing. They have the best tracks and the best cars. These cars are the exact replica of the real racing cars. They are strong and durable. The detailing of the cars needs a special mention.