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Top Slot Car Sets

  1. Carrera GO!!! – GT Contest Track Set – 

This set can be used to race Ferraris and Corvettes in the comfort of your home. It includes both the Chevy Corvette C7.R and the Ferrari 458 GT Italia. The circuit in this set extends to an approximate 12 feet in length which is the ideal length. This track set is suitable for those who are above the age of six as it is a hobby which also requires some degree of skill. The entire game set is accompanied by a lap counter, plug-in power supply, fences, track, two hand throttles, and also two cars.

  1. Scalextric James Bond Micro Slot Car Race Set –

This is a quick up-gradation track, and it also offers outstanding products and an excellent selection.  The vehicles are incredibly resistant and can endure any type of issues. In case of the speed located on the comforter just take a flat driver that is capable of adjusting the speed located on the controller.

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  1. AFX AFX21017 Giant Set –

This giant of a set that has already been encountered includes two cars. The controllers of this set are two things: one, what trigger is used and two, which one is plugged in. The whole set is a tri-power, and the dimensions of the same are somewhere around 4′ by 8′.

  1. Max Traxx R/C Mustang Stunt Race Track Set –

This set is equipped with light tracing technology which will enable you to enjoy the excitement of streaks of light across the track as the cars race. Note that the track in itself is glow-in-the-dark. This set includes a Mustang racer, skill jump, X-BLOX construction brix, lance changer, and four dual corners. Each individual charger requires a 4 AA battery, and the controls can be recharged by plugging them in.

  1. Max Traxx R/C Infinity Loop Track Set – 

This set includes undercarriage lights which make the cars look like they are hovering. The cars leave behind bright streaks as they race. These cars can excel at many speeds and are controlled using a remote. Each car is capable of covering 500 miles per hour. It is easy to charge this set as it comes with a  battery-powered control. The set consists of 46 ft tracks, and all of them glow in the dark.


Additionally, it also includes a loop module, two R/C race cars, and sand six corner pieces. Each and every track racer produces purple light rays. These rays are originally from the undercarriage that is engineered specially to emit glow remnants, and that’s how it produces this streaking effect as each racer passes by. This works best in dimly lit conditions, thereby creating a wholesome experience for the player.


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